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SMART Recovery in Indiana

Addiction treatment is not a one-size-fits-all situation. Each patient requires comprehensive attention to assess underlying medical and psychological needs that can affect the ability to succeed in recovery. Different types of support groups are available in Indiana to fill these individuals’ needs. SMART Recovery in Indiana allows patients to self-direct their behavior and goals after addiction treatment.

What Is SMART Recovery?

The acronym SMART stands for Self Management and Recovery Training. This method differs from traditional addiction support systems in that it does not rely on the submission aspect to change thought patterns and behavior. Instead, SMART recovery in Indiana offers a scientific, evidence-based approach to determine more effective ways to deal with addiction. Participants fill in worksheets that examine the motivations for substance abuse and look at research-based methods for dealing with behaviors and cravings. The approach is more self-directed than group-directed, compared to Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. A belief in a higher power is not required, and prayer is not emphasized as a method to sustain abstinence.

Creating and Sustaining Motivation

SMART Recovery in Indiana understands that motivation is key to addiction recovery. It is motivation that drives the individual to seek treatment, and it is the moving force in maintaining sobriety throughout the recovery process. SMART methods do continuous self-examination to ensure the patient is applying the highest degree of energy to the process of recovery. The system understands that motivations are often strong at the beginning of treatment and recovery. However, this energy can quickly dissipate during the actual day-to-day work of maintaining sobriety. It offers practical tools to monitor motivational levels on a daily and weekly basis, to ensure that individuals continue to apply their best energy to the recovery process.

Coping With Urges

The SMART Recovery method offers an analytical way to look at the underlying causes of relapse incidents and how individuals can counteract the powerful urges that precede them. SMART Recovery in Indiana offers a method for looking closely at the beliefs and self-talk that accompanies urges and replaces them with rational alternatives.

Handling Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviors

SMART Recovery in Indiana also helps to tackle issues of low self-esteem, poor frustration tolerance and feelings of helplessness about cravings and the addiction. Individuals are encouraged to rationally analyze their feelings and beliefs when cravings occur and choose positive behaviors to deal with them.

Building a Balanced Life

Having a balanced life sounds like a pleasant and positive idea, but it does not happen by accident. SMART Recovery in Indiana looks at the components of what having a balanced life means and encourages participants to actively create the reality in their daily lives. Participants analyze the different aspects of their lives, including work, family, friendships, hobbies, romance, finances and physical surroundings, and begin the ongoing work of creating an environment that supports a satisfying, positive lifestyle.

Is SMART Recovery Helpful for Addiction Treatment?

SMART Recovery in Indiana can be a preferred method for support in addiction treatment because it requires the active participation of individuals in learning the underlying reasons for their addiction and how to change their behaviors. It is based on cognitive behavioral therapy, which is recognized as an effective tool in addiction treatment.

Who Can Benefit From SMART Recovery Methods?

Anyone who has tried AA and NA and feels the religious approach of these support groups are not suitable for them, may benefit from the SMART Recovery method. Individuals in Indiana who value a scientific approach to addiction treatment and recovery will find that the SMART method satisfies their need for knowledge and insight on the recovery process.

If you feel that traditional methods of addiction support may not be right for your needs, contact an addiction specialist to learn more about SMART Recovery and how it can work for you.