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Faith Based Treatment Programs in Indiana

Faith based treatment programs in Indiana are widely available for those who are seeking help and healing support from their church. Whether an addict is returning to their original faith or exploring faith based treatment programs to help with addiction, this is a proven successful treatment that can help an individual through treatment, education, and support.

Faith Based Treatment Options

There are various things that faith based treatment programs in Indiana can offer that traditional treatment centers cannot. While the basics needed in recovery such as detox, inpatient care, and therapy are all similar, having a layer of support that is guided by a higher power and the community of a church can add to treatment and recovery. There are various ways that this type of therapy and education can be offered in Indiana, and individuals in recovery can work with their church or treatment center to find healing techniques that work for them.

Education on spiritual principles is a way for an individual overcoming addiction to focus on something, since their energies used to primarily be focused on addiction. If an individual has recently joined a church group or might be coming back to a religion with which they used to identify, educating themselves on spiritual principles can be healing and help center a recovering addict.

Development of a relationship with a higher power is something that needs to be done on a personal level, but can help an individual in recovery. While the road to addiction recovery isn’t something that an addict can do alone, having a relationship with a higher power can help an individual focus on their needs and help them realize they are loved.

Group therapy and religious studies is a great way for an individual going through rehabilitation to connect with others that might be going through the same process. Although with faith based treatment programs in Indiana, individuals can bond with other recovering addicts that are committed to similar religious principles.

Healing Through Faith and Community

Faith based treatments and support over time involve an individual connecting with a higher power on their own, but also becoming a part of a larger community. The combination of these two components can strengthen one’s recovery process and help them find themselves, and also find their place among others that love them and identify with the same faith. Support groups such as 12-step programs are based on this supportive environment, and many utilize the trust and surrender to a higher power to help those in need.

Programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous have been around for quite some time and have proven effective. The Trust for America’s Health report found that one in ten individuals in Indiana actually receive treatment for addiction. Statistics like these show the stigma that still might follow addiction, and individual’s reluctance to reach out for help. If 12-step programs and faith based healing centers can raise awareness and support, this hopefully will bring more people into treatment and not feel so alone in their problems.

Ongoing Support and Relapse Prevention

Faith based treatment programs in Indiana have been available to those seeking out recovery options since substance abuse treatment became prevalent. The most important part of any recovery program is that it works for the addict and works with their lifestyle. If a big part of one’s life is their faith, having a treatment program that can cater to this will strengthen one’s commitment to sobriety and recovery.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) reports that about half of those in recovery will relapse at some point. Relapse prevention must be a part of any recovery program, including faith based treatment. This can be provided through support groups, and community involvement through one’s religion or church. Having people that care and support one’s addiction recovery can keep an individual from relapsing and help bolster recovery success. If you are battling an addiction, pick up the phone and speak with an addiction specialist today for more information about the benefits of faith based treatment programs.