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Alternative Treatment in Indiana

Alternative treatment in Indiana for addiction recovery is becoming more popular alongside more traditional treatment options. Both inpatient and outpatient programs might offer alternative treatment in Indiana to help tailor recovery for addicts needing different care. Alternative treatments are usually variations on behavioral therapy or restorative activities that focus on healing. These types of therapies give the individual the option to try out different treatments and activities and find one that works for them.

Different Alternative Treatment Programs

Alternative treatments can be behavioral-based therapies or restorative activities that help an individual heal in their own way. By taking control of one’s situation and playing an active role in recovery, an individual can feel as if they are a part of their recovery process and not as powerless. Many types of activities are things that an individual can continue with after treatment as well.

Art therapy is both a form of therapy and an activity that an individual can focus on while in treatment and recovery. An individual might discover things about themselves through their art and the process of creating. This can then be discussed with a therapist to unpack any emotional pain or discoveries that come about. An individual who flourishes through art therapy might keep art in their life and channel their energy into this process instead of a substance.

Restorative yoga is a way for an individual to heal both their mind and body. Rather than cause damages from drug addiction, an individual can focus on healing and strengthening their body. This is something that can begin in treatment, but that an individual can take part in for the long term.

Acupuncture is something that might not work for everyone, but for some this might have a healing effect and can help stop urges to use a substance. This can be a healing process on its own, and this act of going to acupuncture can be something those in recovery can enjoy and use as a relaxation technique.

The Benefits of Alternative Treatment in Indiana

Those who like to be more in control of their life and actions might benefit from alternative treatment in Indiana. Many times these specific treatments are offered in rehabilitation programs alongside more traditional treatment options, but individuals can choose what type of alternative treatment they might like to try. By taking ownership of one’s recovery, they will be more likely to stick with processes and long term treatments even after an inpatient treatment. By playing an active role in their own recovery, those in treatment will feel both accountable for their long term success and will be more motivated to stick with this.

The Trust for America’s Health (TFAH) reported that roughly only one in ten individuals in Indiana needing treatment for substance abuse seek out treatment. This shows the need for different types of treatments that might be beneficial to various individuals and might make treatment a more attractive option.

Principles of Effective Treatment

The most important thing about a treatment program is that it works for an individual. If a recovering addict can take ownership in their own recovery and take part in activities that they actually enjoy, they will be more likely to stick with their treatment and long term recovery process.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) reported that 40 to 60 percent of all recovering addicts will actually relapse at some point in their recovery. The hope is that through alternative treatment in Indiana, individuals will be more apt to tailor their treatment around their personal goals and tastes, making this more effective. If a recovering addict can find a restorative therapy or activity that they enjoy and can channel their energy into instead of substance abuse, one can avoid relapse. When you are finally ready to get sober once and for all, reach out to an addiction specialist