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Sober Living in Indiana

Experts in addiction treatment recognize that the living environment has a significant impact on the ability of the individual to remain free of alcohol and drugs, and some patients do not have a supportive environment to return to after a program has ended. Sober living is a concept in which people with substance abuse problems in Indiana live together to support each other’s recovery and contribute to the maintenance of the facility. These residences can be instrumental in helping patients to transition back to normal life.

What Is Sober Living?

The concept is derived from halfway houses that have existed for many decades. Sober living in Indiana offers a safe environment to continue to work on recovery for people that may lack a stable home life. The goal of these facilities is to help addicts and alcoholics transition back to normal life after treatment. The presence of other people who are also dealing with addiction problems provides support, understanding and practical help for everyday problems.

Who Can Benefit from Sober Living?

Individuals who come from disadvantaged or dysfunctional homes can benefit from the stable, interactive environment of sober living in Indiana. The imposition of rules and the requirement for employment can help individuals who come from environments in which these structures have been absent. Individuals who found themselves homeless during the period of addiction may not have a home to which they can return, and sober living in Indiana provides a structured, alternative environment that can make the transition to independent living easier. Similarly, individuals with co-occurring mental health problems can experience the feedback and monitoring they need to help them learn skills for more expanded interactions with others.

What Goes On in a Sober Living Environment?

Sober living in Indiana is much like a halfway house for recovering addicts but is less structured. Participation in a treatment program is not required, but rules against drug or alcohol use are maintained. Residents may be encouraged to attend support group meetings or receive counseling, if needed, but they are not required to do so. In sober living, residents can generally stay as long as they like, as long as they are willing to follow the house rules. Generally, residents go to work like average people do, contribute rent and other living expenses and attend group meetings. During meetings, residents may discuss their problems on the job, dealing with stress, management of cravings and other issues that they have in common. Residents can offer support and encouragement for everyday in a safe and sober environment, with others who are also working on their recovery.

Statistics on Sober Living

A number of studies on sober living and its ability to support individuals dealing with addiction have been favorable. One study cited by the National Institutes of Health found that abstinence rates improved in residents of Sober Living facilities at the six-month point, 12-month point and 18-month point. Use of sober living facilities offered measurable improvement for those from disadvantaged communities, who benefited from the stability and the absence of drugs and alcohol from the environment. These results indicate that sober living facilities can be of significant help to many who are working to rebuild their lives in sobriety.

Benefits of Sober Living in Indiana

Sober living in Indiana offers a number of advantages for those who are recovering from addiction, including:

  • The presence of other people who understand their problems and pressures
  • A stable living environment that supports abstinence from drugs and alcohol
  • Structure that requires ongoing employment and getting along with others
  • Honest feedback about their progress in recovery
  • Encouragement to continue attendance at support groups and other methods for supporting recovery

If you have struggled with an addiction to alcohol or drugs and need a living environment that will help to support your sobriety, call an addiction specialist today to discuss the benefits of sober living facilities.